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Fun-Size Thermometer

Model: RT345

  • Tiny thermometer goes anywhere
  • Fits on a keychain
  • Fold-away probe design

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Range: -58 to 248°F (-50 to 120°C)

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ThermoWorks Image

Light Meter

Model: VA8050

  • Environmental health tool
  • Dual range: LUX and Foot Candle
  • Backlit display
  • Includes HOLD, Min and Max

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Range: 0 to 90,000 LUX (0 to 8,300.0 FC)

Accuracy: ±4% + 50 digits

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Icon Legend
Min/Max Icon Min / Max Feature: Includes a feature allowing you to quickly display the maximum and minimum values measured during a specified period of time.
wireless Alarm: Includes a feature that will alert you via visual and/or audible cues (or, in some cases, email or texts) when a reading is outside user-specified limits for safety or desirability.
lcd Includes LCD Display: Shown when a logger includes a visual LCD display of data readings on the logger itself.

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