PolyScience Immersion Circulators

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Standard, analog or progammable controllers
Up to 25 Liter/Minute Pumping Pressure
Control at Temperatures Up to 200°C
Integral Temperature and Low-Liquid Level Protection
Time / Temperature Programmability (7312)
Five Speed Adjustable Pump (7312)
Controllable Though RS-232 Interface (7312)
RS-232 Cable Supplied (7312)
Remote Probe Capability (7312)

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Progammable Model 7312
The full-featured PolyScience Programmable Controller, combined with circulator placement flexibility, makes this "design your own bath" circulator a great value. Microprocessor PID control assures high accuracy and stability.

The Programmable Controller features a multi-language graphic display and time/temperature programming. Ten programs can be stored in the controller's memory; each can have up to fifty steps and can be cycled up to 999 times. An RS232 interface and remote probe capability are standard. The included software supports LabView™ drivers and Excel® macros to offer even greater programming and data logging convenience.

For internal circulation or external open and closed loop applications, the 7312 has a strong pressure and suction (duplex) pump with five selectable speeds. The optional remote probe gives more accurate temperature control in applications where external circulation is required.

The expandable mounting bridge spans openings from 15 to 25 in. across to allow placement on almost any bath container. Choose from PolyScience's selection of stainless steel or acrylic baths or use your own reservoir.

Standard Model 7306
The PID microprocessor controller provides precise temperature control and greater temperature stability. The 2-speed pressure (simplex) pump minimizes turbulence in small tanks and provide higher flow and greater uniformity in large tanks. An adjustable flow director accepts 1/2 in. (13mm) ID tubing for external circulation.

Analog Model 712
This low-cost circulator offers good temperature control for routine lab applications. Proportional heater control combined with redundant safety backup makes this analog model an excellent value. The 2-speed pressure (simplex) pump minimizes turbulence in small tanks and can provide higher flow and greater uniformity in large tanks. Temperature readout is via the supplied thermometer(alcohol).

Range 7312: 86°F to 392°F (30°C to 200°C)
7306: 86°F to 302°F (30°C to 150°C)
712: 86°F to 212°F (30°C to 100°C)
Over Temperature Cutoff Adjustable
Low-Liquid Cutoff Yes
Stability 7312: ±0.01°C
7306: ±0.05°C
712: ±0.2°C
Controller 7312: Programmable
7306: Standard
712: Analog
Computer I/O 7312: RS232
7306 & 712: N/A
Readout 7312: Graphic LCD, °C or °F
7306: LED, °C or °F
712: Thermometer (supplied)
Pressure Flow Rate 7312: 5-speed, 12 to 25 lpm
7306 & 712: 2-speed, 9 or 15 lpm
Suction Flow Rate 7312: 5-speed, 8 to 18 lpm
7306 & 712: N/A
Heater 60Hz: 1100 Watts
50Hz: 2200 Watts
Immersion 7312: Min: 2.5in. / 7cm, Max: 4.5in. / 11.4cm
7306 & 712: Min: 3 in. / 7.6cm, Max: 7in. / 17.8cm
Tank Occupancy (approx) 7312: 7.5 x 8.75in. (19.1 x 22.2cm)
7306 & 712: 6.5 x 4.75in. (16.5 x 12.1cm)
Dimensions 7312: 11.25 x 15 x 9.5in. (28.6 x 38 x 24.2cm)
7306 & 712: 12.25 x 4.625 x 5.75in. (31.2 x 11.7 x 14.6cm)
Weight 7312: 24 lbs (11kg)
7306 & 712: 11 lbs (5kg)
Pump Inletand Outlet 1/4in. FPT Rear Discharge

*Note: Performance specifications determined at ambient temp of 20°C/68°F.
For 50Hz units, derate cooling capacity by 17%
For Cooling Capacity (Watts x 3.41) = BTU/hr.

Select the right contoller type for your application.
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Reference Thermometer

Monitor bath stability to ±0.01° with a NIST-Traceable Reference Thermometer

Don't forget the Bath Fluid
Choose the best fluid for your temperature range. We carry bath fluids that work from -100 to 550°C.

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7312A11B/A12E 7312 Programmable Immersion Circulator
7306A11B/A12E 7306 Standard Immersion Circulator
73A0A11B/A12E 712 Analog Immersion Circulator

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